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Pick n Go Travel Diffusers to take your favourite scent with you on your travels. Each diffuser comes filled with your picked scent which you can pick from over 500 scents! You can top up with Pick n Melt diffuser refills which are available in 6ml and 100ml bottles if you know what you like!

The Pick n Go Travel Diffusers make the perfect affordable gift. Who wouldn’t appreciate 4-6 weeks of an amazing smelling car!

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Pick n Go Travel Diffusers are available in all of our 500 scents. As well as your home smelling great, find the perfect scent for your travels too and make your vehicle smell like your home or you can find a different vibe for travelling. The Pick n Go Travel Diffusers make the perfect affordable gift. Who wouldn’t appreciate 4-6 weeks of an amazing smelling car!

Each diffuser bottle holds 6ml of diffuser mix and diffuses using a natural wood cap. Each diffuser has its own string to hang from your mirror, but they all come with their own vent clip too so you can clip it to a vent to distribute the gorgeous scent through the car rather than hanging it from your mirror, which you may find a distraction.

You can order refills for your diffuser to keep it topped up!

We use Vegan Society approved Augeo Crystal Oil to diffuse the awesome fragrance. The oil is created as a petrochemical alternative which is sustainable and eco friendly. It has homogenous evaporation which makes it good for the environment too!

Learn more about Augeo Oil

See our huge range of Reed Diffusers which you can also personalise! Or if you have a diffuser already see here for Diffuser Refills.

To get the best out of your diffuser you should flip the reeds every couple of days. Please make sure to wash your hands immediately after touching the reeds.Please be careful not to spill the liquid on your bottle if it is painted. Some of the oils will react with some of the paints on the bottles.Keep out the reach of children and pets
Jenna Lucy
I met Helen at Port Solent market where I bought my first diffuser. It was amazing! I am embarrassed to say that after I bought one from another seller but that bit me in the bum because it was rubbish. So I went back to Helen and wow! It was so much stronger and lasted for ages. I have since been down to the shop in Gosport. I go every 6 weeks to get a top up. Very afforable and now my car smells amazing all the time. Thank you Helen. Your customer service is also amazing. I wish more companies treated their customers like you do.... Read more

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